Magyarország a csodák forrása


Colorful programs await you all year in Bükkszentkereszt!

Dance House of Generations (music, dance profession) poster

Bükk Horse Park (for lovers of horse riding, in the heart of Bükk) poster

Bükk Glass Hut Industrial History Exhibition Hall and Glass House poster

Generation Dance House

Glass Huta Cup

Glass House and Museum

Mushroom days

Sights in Bükkszentkereszt

See the sights!


Museum of glass

Healing stones


Uncle Gyuri's herb garden



Small railway


St. Stephen's Cave

Anna Tufa Cave

Miskolc ZOO

Diósgyőr castle

Miskolctapolca Cave Bath

Miskolctapolca bobsleigh court


The tours can change as needed depending on what you require,
the organizers provide bikes and take-home transportation from the destination.
Available for up to 8 people.

(Departures from Bükkszentkereszt)

More information: about cycling, service.
Bicycle rental for guests staying in Bükkszentkereszt.
Everyone who participates in the tour is responsible for themselves and should be familiar with the basic conditions for safe biking (confident ability to use the brakes and gear system).

For any other information, tour bookings the following phone number can be contacted: +3630/206-3602

Throughout the winter season the Kis Galya sports club, provides the opportunity for those who are interested,
young people or even school groups to take part in cross country skiing here at Bükkszentkereszt.

Training and equipment are provided according to needs.

Further information and consultation can be found by calling the following phone number: +3630/206-3602

* Photos by Attila Vigh, Attila Orlczky and made by István Császár.