Magyarország a csodák forrása

Welcome to Roanzavi-Lak!

In a family environment, we welcome everyone in Bükkszentkreszt who wants to relax,
and wants to go on a trip during these busy weekdays.


Dear future and returning guests!

Kerthelység 1

Kerthelység 2

Kerthelység 3

Kerthelység 4

Our terrace and the barbecue, which overlooks the picturesque Bükk, are ready. Isn't it wonderful to spend a few intimate days with a pleasant company, friends, and family next to this view?


"He wants to rest in the quiet,
calm and soul-warming
at the foot of the Bükk Mountains?"

Our harmony room is just waiting for you!


"Do you feel like escaping
from the rush of everyday life
do you want peace and quiet?"

Our east room is just waiting for you!


Would like to be with family/friends
to spend a few quiet days
at the foot of the picturesque Bükk Mountains?

Rhythm room is just waiting for you!



Rest is sweet in our rooms!

Comfortable beds and the quietness of the area
all contribute to a calm and relaxing sleep.

Wake up to the chirping of birds,
let in the fresh air,
and the world will smile on your face.



Seeing our pictures,
You want to relax here too!

Whatever the time of the year, we are waiting for you to escape from the gray weekdays all year round.

View images, drone footage. We know that even time stands still here.



Programs throughout the year!

We offer colorful programs throughout the year. Have you ever heard of the Bükkszentkereszt Medicinal Plant or Mushroom Days?

And if you want to be part of active programs, don't miss the performance tours either!